Dr. Christina Riachi is a psychologist, a psychotherapist (CBT, DBT, & Schema-Focused CBT Therapy), a professional soft skills trainer and an accredited test administrator by the British Psychological Society. She has graduated from the University of OXFORD (where she received intensive training and supervision in psychotherapy CBT and DBT), from King's College London (top 20 university in the world), and from the American University of Beirut AUB.

  • Haya Saad, Msc

    Adolescent / Adult Psychologist

    Haya offers the psychological therapy (CBT & DBT) for adolescents/adults diagnosed with: Anxiety Disorders, Depression, suicidal behaviour, PTSD, drug/alcohol problems, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder & others. Haya also offers (DBT) therapy.

  • Lea Harb, Msc

    Adolescent / Adult Psychologist

    Lea offers the psychological therapy (CBT) for adults diagnosed with: Anxiety Disorders (phobias, social anxiety, health anxiety, panic disorder, GAD), Depression, OCD. Lea also offers therapy for COUPLES and help with relationship problems.

  • Angela Barhouch, Msc

    Child / Adolescent Psychologist

    Angela provides evidence –based psychotherapeutic help for children with externalizing difficulties (such as aggression and social problems) and internalizing difficulties (such as depression, anxiety). Angela also offers the following for children with Learning Difficulties (such as dyslexia and working memory deficiencies) and neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder & ADHD: Thorough and Complete Psychological Assessments *NEWEST* (IQ- Memory - Attention - Personality Testing etc..) using IPADS! (including WISC-V), Behavioral Modification therapies, and Educational Plans.

  • Rita Maydaa, MA

    Adolescent/Adult Psychologist

    Rita is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon. She provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT for Adolescents and Adults diagnosed with anxiety disorders, mood disorders, substance abuse, suicidal behavior and others. She has several years of experience working with individuals from different age groups and diverse backgrounds (including residents and refugees). Rita is also a trainer in Problem Management Plus PM+, a new psychological intervention developed by the WHO.

  • Myriam Kh

    Myriam Kh

    Administrative Assistant